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"This unique bistro/restaurant is a gem. They have an excellent selection/variety on their menu - the best of both worlds - Mexican and Italian. I especially love their deep fried Stromboli and the seafood barbeque pizza is superb. This is one awesome place that is well worth the occasional drive down from Mechanicsburg, PA. Keep up the excellent work Greg and crew."

T.J. Murray

"My family loves this place. We are from Baltimore and have a "go-to" place for Mexican food. We found you about 2 years ago and this is my favorite place to eat in York. Your food is far from boring and I could eat there everyday. I love to try just about all on your menus but I can not eat that much!"

Gil B.

"Cooking this good runs in the family! I grew up eating some of the best Italian food that Greg's mother served in her restaurant in western Pa. and he is following right in her footsteps here in York Pa. Oustanding soup and specials and I have yet to be unhappy with anything on the menu. If you have not tried this place you truly are missing out but be prepared you will find yourself coming back again and again! I cannot say enough about Greg and his staff at Mexitaly and as long as they are serving food I will be a customer!"

Rick C.

"The food at Mexitaly is consistently excellent. Every ingredient adds additional layers of flavor that sets this restaurant ahead of all the competition. The specials are something to pay particular attention to. The Green Chili is occasionally available and it's not like anything that I've ever experienced before. The flavor combinations are something that you have to sample as they defy description - it's just outstanding. I love taking people who haven't experienced Mexitaly before. It's a safe bet that they will love the food and then become frequent customers. The prices are very reasonable for the size servings that you get. We never fail to take home a doggy bag that's great for lunch the next day. I would recommend that you 'Like' their Facebook page so you can keep up with the specials. Thanks."

Nick H.

"We are beyond hooked on your delicious food! Saturdays usually find us in York which means lunch at Mexitaly. It's just the best tasting food so fresh and delicious. We could eat here every day. When we step in the door Greg knows our order by heart, we don't have to say a word. The soft chicken tacos are super and the chicken quesadilla melts in your mouth. And then there are the people who are very friendly and always give us great service. THANKS to the entire Mexitaly gang, we love it there! Keep doing what you are doing!!"


"My husband and I just moved here from Oklahoma. We always have Mexican food at least 3 times a week there. Since we moved here, we have had Mexican food from almost every place in the York area. We have been wanting to try your restaurant but just haven't been able to get there. Well yesterday a co-worker ordered your chicken and beef tacos. OH MY GOODNESS! They were so delicious! I am really mad that we haven't MADE time to get there yet. After having your food yesterday, we will definitely be there on Saturday! I deeply apologize for not trying out your food sooner. Plus it is just like some of the Mexican we would get in Oklahoma so not only is it good, but reminds us a little bit of "home". Thank you!"

Angel C.

"Fabulous...we moved from California last year and have been desparate to fine REAL Mexican food. We hit the jackpot with Mexitaly today...totally the most excellent Mexican food ever...fresh...delicious flavors...quality ingredients...casual relaxed dining experience...friendly hosts! We had the Chorizo Chimichanga, Chicken Taco Salad, and Monster Steak Burrito...just divine!"

Terry & Richard

"Always out of this world - I've crossed the border and back many times. The flavor, the menu, the staff... all top notch. Thanks Greg and company for a never disappointing chowdown experience. Even the music when I eat is five star!!! Love the expansion, love the food, love the location (ok, I live in Haines Acres...). Mexitaly - the best of both worlds! Kudos, muchacho... ciao, baby!!!"

Dave C.

"The veggie burrito is out of this world!! I was like a lost puppy while they were closed for renovations. I'm satisfying my craving tomorrow night for dinner. Yay!!!"


"I just moved to Baltimore and whenever I'm in York, I have to stop for a burrito! Mexitaly is the best! Please come to Baltimore if you ever think of expanding ... you would make a killing! There is a definite lack of good Mexican food down here. Keep up the good work!"


"Hey, Greg, just to thank you for the enormous grilled vegetable quesadilla I enjoyed last evening ... and then I got to thinking about that grilled vegetable burrito you suggested ... hmmmmm, guess I'll have to get back real soon...."


"Ordered my first meals from here last night. Had their chips & salsa before and loved them. The best food I have had in quite some time! The seafood chimichanga and Pittsburgh steak salad were to die for! Will be a regular for sure!"


"OUTSTANDING!!! This was our first time there but certainly will not be the last!"

Don T.

"We are regular customers... We can not say enough about the taste and quality of the food. IT'S GREAT!! I hope you all try the new burrito "Tacorrito" (sorry if I spelled it wrong), but it's a taco in a burrito and let me tell you all it's out of this world! So to Greg and Matt and all KEEP UP THE GREAT FOOD!"

The Richardson's

"All I can say is YUM!!! You came highly recommended by several people. But to be honest, I couldn't imagine a shack next to a mini golf course with a lovely view of the interstate could serve the BEST food I've ever had. I could eat at your place everyday. Fish hard tacos yum, the carnita is sensational, pizza holy wow. Just had the enchilada with carnita and green sauce. The best ever. I love that everything is made homemade. And to top it off you all are the nicest ever with the best customer services. Keep it up! I'm still working on getting you on Triple D."

Tawnya T.

"We live about 2 minutes from Pizza Grill and hardly ever eat there. Drove over half an hour for Mexitaly!!! Really is amazing pizza. We are vegan and really appreciate the loaded veggie pizza -- without cheese. Love love love Mexitaly!!!"

Carla I.

"I absolutely enjoy going to Mexitaly ... the food is amazing, the prices are fantastic, and the portions are tremendous. I always enjoy being greeted by the awesome employees. I always look forward to my next visit to Mexitaly. There's always a tough decision to make on what dish to try next. I will be visiting again very soon."

Marc C.

"OH MY!!! That is all I can say! :) The food was FANTABULOUS!! I have eaten a lot of different things on both sides of the menu and there was not one thing I did not like! But my favorite is the bbq chicken burrito!! Thanks for the GREAT food, keep up the AWESOME cooking!! ;)"

Hannah F.

"Everytime my co-worker and I come to your restaurant for lunch, we keep saying we need to try the brick oven pizza but we just can't seem to pass up the Mexican food! Your Mexican food is exceptional!! Someday we will get around to trying something off the Italian menu but for now I am just stuck on everything Mexican! You should have more locations in York!!"


"I LOVE this place! I feel so blessed to live so close to one of York County's hidden gems! I used to order strictly from the Mexican menu because it was so good (I couldn't resist the tacos)... however, I have become ADDICTED to your BBQ Chicken Pizza! I don't know what you're putting in that sauce that makes it so 'got to have it' good, but please don't stop doing it!"

Heather T.

"Well, so far I am a HUGE fan! My wife told me about this place. She is an RN at the York Hospital and said a lot of the nurses and docs order via Carryout Courier from here. She told me to call and she'd pick it up on the way home from work last night. I ordered the Chimichanga with Chorizo and the Chipotle Chicken Quesadillas. I also got a side of the Chipotle Hot Sauce! All I can say is simply amazing. I've never had a chimichanga quite like this. I don't know how it's made, but it sure is good. I think I found my new favorite Mexican place. Hasta la vista, El Serrano and El Rodeo!"


"Mexitaly = One Word - AWESOME! I'm addicted, I have never had a bad meal at Mexitaly, NEVER! Their Mexican is great and the Italian is crazy good. Best TACO's I EVER had, burrito's rock, though the BEST ONE is the seafood burrito. My thought initially was strange, seafood with Mexican, WOW was I wrong, this thing is AWESOME. I start thinking about the Seafood Burrito and start salivating (for real)! Their pizza is so fresh and the ingredients are the best. Last, but certainly not the least, is the stromboli. Can I tell you how wonderful it is and a little secret? They can also deep fry it, which takes it to another level! Greg, you and your crew do an EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD JOB and I am happy you decided to be right here in York! Thanks and keep making GR8 food!"


"My wife and I love your taco's (blows Chipotle away) and I love your burrito with chipotle chicken and chorizo. Definitely the best in town!"

Peter G.

"The burritos are better than Roburrito's by far! Customer service is better too! I think I've found my new favorite place; I can't wait to try everything on the menu."


"We (father, son and his friend) stumbled upon the restaurant accidentally during a sightseeing day in York, visiting from Washington, D.C. The Mexican dishes were the best we've ever had, anywhere. Clearly a restaurant that takes incredible pride in the quality and quantity of every item on the menu, combined with friendly, caring service. My son hasn't stopped talking about Mexitaly since, asking when we'll eat there again! So much for the allure of all the factory tours."

Gary, Yale & Michael

"I thought tacos were tacos until I got 'em at Mexitaly. Best tacos I EVER ate! My family loves the 5 cheese pizza, italian fries and burritoes. I haven't tried everything yet, but I plan to."


"Hi! My family has a new favorite restaurant... it's yours!! My husband and I LOVE your tacos & burritos! Our kids love your cheese pizza kids meals! We just have one small but sweet request... can you please put a lot more powdered sugar/cinnamon on the fried dough dessert? It would make it soooo much better! We are always fighting for the pieces with it on there, and we figured out that there is just not enough of it. Thanks a million! We will be back soon."

The B+ Family of 4.

"We live in between Harrisburg and York and you have the best Mexican around. Every time we come we've always gotten Mexican. This weekend we finally tried your pizza, although my husband couldn't pass up having a taco along with our pizza. It was excellent! I've also had your Greek salad in the past and the dressing is out of this world. Everything is always so good and fresh tasting. Keep up the great job!!! You really need a location near Harrisburg as you would do great business!!!"

Kirby & Michele

"On business in York, my sales companion suggested Mexitaly. Our boss, Bob P., recommended your place. I really enjoyed the meal and music; I'll certainly stop by again. Thanks."

Dave K.

"After moving to York over 10 years ago from California, I finally found good Carnitas!"

Jim S.

"Thank God we have a good Mexican place to eat now in York. We love your restaurant and besides sushi, we only eat out at your place. We love all your food, Mexican and Italian. Your food is fresh every single time we come and is always wonderful. Loyal customers from the time you opened!"

Kevin, Denise & Family

"Hi, Greg. We absolutely love coming into Mexitaly weekly. Your strombolies are the best! Keep the great food coming!"

Jim & Heather

"Fish tacos, pulled pork pizza, Nachos supreme are just a few of my family's favorites. Burritos are great. They are enormous but good as leftovers the next day!"


"My husband and I get food from you guys every week! We crave it all week long! You are the only place that we eat now. We used to do our Mexican craving at El Serrano...not anymore..they have nothing on you!!!

Thanks for all the good food! My husband is on his way right now...seriously!"

Anne and Davis

"I never cease to be amazed. I try to have something different every time I come in. This time, it was the Fish Tacos.

These may become my first repeat. What a treat.

The flavors mixed well. Every bite was something different. A little jalepeno in the slaw, the light batter on the fish. Even the fish itself had a slightly sweet flavor to complement the spice.

I'm trying to work my way through the menu, but the Fish Tacos will make it difficult.

Keep up the good work."

John L.

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